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Doppler echocardiography diagnosis

Doppler echocardiography is an examination that monitors the path of blood in veins and arteries and allows ultrasound detection of circulatory problems. The treatment is totally harmless and painless and quick to perform. Dr. Russo carries out this kind of test in order to diagnose any vascular related problems.

Varicose veins: useful tips

Is prevention possible?

Varicose veins cannot be prevented due to the genetic component of evolutionary pathology, but they can be controlled satisfactorily by either medical or surgical intervention or by correcting any unhelpful behaviour.  

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Elastic Compression
The elastic stocking is the essential therapeutic method in treating varicose veins. The degree of compression, expressed in mmHg, is divided into four classes and each one has a specific indication according to the clinical picture: the prescription and the size of the stocking is prescribed by the specialist. The length of the stock to be used depends on the extension of the varices: if it is only at the leg level, it may be enough to have a knee-high stocking, but if it is also located on the thigh, it is necessary to opt for a longer model such as the monocollant.

Sport activity?
Swimming, dancing or jogging are normally recommended otherwise sports that require abrupt muscular contractions in diaphragmatic levels such as weight lifting, cycling, tennis, rowing or football. In the event that you practise one of these sports and there is an accentuated varicose vein, it is necessary to wear an elastic stocking during sports activity, to avoid a worsening of the clinical position.
Vascular problems? You can rely on Dr. Russo's experience
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