Specialist in Vascular Surgery in La Spezia

Dr. David Russo, is a vascular surgery specialist and senior level manager in the Ligurian health system (ASL5).
Dr. Russo deals with the diagnosis and treatment of arterial and venous pathology.
He receives patients privately at Casa della Salute, via Sardegna 45, 19126, La Spezia; home visits are also possible.


Dr. David Russo is a medical surgeon experienced in the treatment of vascular diseases and, thanks to his education and professional path, is able to guarantee a high level of professionalism and competence in his field for the diagnosis and treatment or related symptoms and disease.
Furthermore, he has now become a senior level manager at the Vascular Department in La Spezia, continuing the study of the care and prevention of these diseases and providing effective support to all those suffering from these issues. Dr. Russo awaits you in his studio for a wide range of examinations and diagnostics that can check your vascular health status level.
delle pillole,pastiglie e uno stetoscopio

Specializations and services

Dr. Russo offers his patients vast experience in minimally invasive surgery, vascular surgery, surgical interventions on the venous and arterial system, the treatment of vascular diseases, and diabetic foot. In addition to Doppler echocardiography for the abdomen, upper and lower limbs, abdominal aorta, carotid artery, services for the examination of ultrasound and vascular diseases are also offered. Such examinations are carried out using state-of-the-art, technologically advanced machinery that can provide reliability and accuracy on each exam. 
For inquiries and appointments at the studio, please get in touch using the contact section.
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For information and appointments please call +39 33 39 64 75 67
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